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La Fabrique Pretzels 50g


Since 1934, the Cornu Family from the village of Champagne in Switzerland, have been producing the finest bakery products. Automatized, but never industrialized, machines were developed specifically to reproduce the masterbaker Andre Cornu’s gestures.

Type: Snacks
Brand: La Fabrique
Vegetarian: Yes
GMOs: None
Palm oil: None
Taste: Salty, Crispy
Pairing: Champagne, wine, beer, and other beverages


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2. The Hard Pretzel:

The brine pretzels everybody likes, with its unique taste and crunchy texture. Easily recognisable with its two delicately knotted arms. This hard pretzel is  vegetarian and does not contain palm oil or GMOs.

La Fabrique’s hard pretzels have an exceptional taste and a unique crunch. They are crafted from sticks of dough, that are knotted in the factory of Murten, Switzerland. The method of production reproduces the traditional gestures of masterbaker André Cornu (founder of the company). The fabrication process is automated but not industrialized. Every Pretzel is knotted into a work of art, it remains an artisanal product of the highest quality.

Other names: Hard pretzel, traditional pretzel crisps, pretzel bites, pretzel chips, pretzel thins, flat pretzels.

Type: Snacks, appetizers, finger food, savoury party snacks, aperitif, snack foods, snacks for kids, midnight snack, savory food, finger foods for party, easy party foods, late night snacks.

3. History of the Pretzel

The many anecdotes about the origin of the pretzel is witness to its popularity and the infatuation it arouses. The shape of the pretzel undoubtedly evokes “crossed arms”. Hence the first legend perpetuated until today:

First legend: In the year 610, a monk inspired by the folded arms of his classmates at the time of prayer, would have worked leftover dough in the shape of crossed arms.

Second legend: The following story, however, is better known: in 1477, a baker of the king’s court would have cooked his bread so badly that he was thrown into the dungeon. For such a crime, the verdict was public execution. But the baker was allowed to escape the sentence if he invented, within three days, a loaf “through which the sun would shine three times”. The baker then imagined what is known in the profession as a “decorated bread”, that is to say handmade without mold. Crossing the two ends of a dough ribbon, he formed three holes – and thus saved his head!

The brine that covers the pretzel was also born in a fortuitous way: asleep near the hot oven, the baker’s cat would have knocked over a plate containing the pretzels that were to be put in the oven. They would have landed in a basin filled with boiling brine, actually prepared to season dishes. There was no time for the baker to remake the dough, so he decided to bake the pretzels covered with brine.

Third legend: One day a king’s minister was having breakfast in an inn. The pretzels that were served to him had a very different taste from the sweet pretzels of the carnival because the baker would have mistaken bowls and instead of coating his pretzels with a sugar icing, he would have smeared with a solution of baking soda, normally used to clean the oven plates!

Fourth legend: In the 17th century, the interlocking loops of the pretzel became the symbol of undying love. The legend has it that in 1614 in Switzerland which happens to be the country of origin of masterbaker André Cornu, royal couples would have used a pretzel in their wedding ceremonies in order to seal the bond of matrimony, and that this custom could have been the origin of the sentence “tying the knot”.

The Pretzels Today:
The pretzel chips / pretzel crisps are a healthy snacks and fine bakery products that belong to the gourmet food family. Pretzel bites are very popular party snacks, and a much appreciated finger food. You love snack foods? Then you should definitely try these party appetizers

Perfect fine food snacks often enjoyed as finger foods for party, easy party foods, midnight snack, and late night snacks. You are searching for healthy snack ideas, finger food ideas, or party snack ideas? Search no more, these perfectly shaped traditional hard pretzels will serve as amazing summer appetizers, quick appetizers and/or easy party snacks. The highest quality pretzel thins / flat pretzels known as salty appetizers and salty snacks are the best horderves ideas.

4. Food Pairing

The hard pretzel are popular and irreplaceable on so many occasions: at home when welcoming guests, tea time, aperitifs, conferences, vernissages, and other official assemblies. The pretzels accompany perfectly champagnewinebeer, and other beverages. They are also savored as is.

7. Storage Advice

Best before date : The date on the box is a best before date and not an expiry date. The best before date is a deadline for an optimal use, after which the products’ organoleptic properties begin degrading

Store in a cool and dry place.
Once open they are best kept in a cool dry place, preferably in an airtight package, protected from light.

9. A Family, A Company, A Belief

Cornu SA is a family company in the French part of Switzerland, and is now managed by Marc-André Cornu (grandson of the founder André Cornu), third generation of the family. Marc-André Cornu is a master baker and has learned a lot from both his Swiss and foreign experiences. Cornu SA has produced, since its foundation in 1934 by André Cornu, Marc-André’s grandfather, the finest puff pastry products as well as other fine bakery products.

Marc-André is proud to say that in the profession, they have remained passionate craftsmen, in constant pursuit of excellence. Since André started in 1934, they have automated a lot, but never industrialized. In 2016 Marc-André Cornu, the appointed king of fine bakery and breadsticks/bread twists, inaugurated the new factory building in the village of Champagne (Switzerland), that includes a bakery shop, a pastry workshop and a “bistronomic” restaurant, and an interactive museum dedicated to the secrets of artisanal bakery.

Family tradition since 193In the 1960s his son, Paul-André, takes over and develops the family business. He builds the foundations of the current company. He integrates André’s signature know-how into the manufacturing process. Machines are specifically designed to automate the master baker’s gestures. Sophisticated technology combined with carefully selected raw materials, allow the Cornu family to continually improve the quality of their products.

Today, the company is run by the third generation. Under the direction of Marc-André Cornu, the company is still growing and continues to expand in Switzerland and abroad, while maintaining a human size and without compromising on raw materials.

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