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La Semeuse Nocturne Decaf Nespresso Compatible Capsules 10pces


Naturally decaffeinated coffee, with well-preserved aromas.
Type: Nespresso®* compatible Decaff Coffee Capsules
Brand: La Semeuse
Composition: 100% Arabica
Aroma: Fruity, grilled, chocolatey
Strength: 3/5
Coffee size: Ristretto, espresso
High altitude roasting: At 1000m altitude in Switzerland – No bitterness, No acidity
Origin: South America

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2. The Mocca Coffee Capsules Origin and Taste:

Origin: Coffee blend sourced from the highlands of Central America, Brazil and Ethiopia.

Taste: Subtle cocoa and grilled almond aromas. A balanced, full-bodied and delicate taste: café Mocca at its finest. The cafe mocha from “La Semeuse” is a premium arabica coffee / premium gourmet coffee.

High altitude roasting in the Swiss mountains: Roasted in the mountains of the city of “la Chaux-de-Fonds” in Switzerland. Roasting at an altitude of 1000 meters allows the bean to flourish at a temperature which does not affect its essential aroma or flavors. The atmospheric pressure being lower at high altitude than at sea level, boiling occurs at a lower temperature. This physical property acts favorably on the quality of the coffees of La Semeuse, which are distinguished by their subtle power, their lack of bitterness and acidity.

Other names: Moca café, mokka coffee, cafe mocca, mokka café, mocha cafe, cafe mocha, caffè mocha, café mocca, moka coffee, cafe mokka. Espresso sized mochas can be called moka espresso, mocha espresso.

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3. Food Pairing:

The perfect Natural Swiss Cookies and snacks to accompany your premium gourmet coffee are available on Switzerluxe!


4. “La Semeuse” THE BRAND:

Descended from a family of grocers in Alsace, France. La Semeuse was founded in 1900 by Marc Bloch who specialized in the importation and distribution of groundnut oil. He died in 1916 for France on the Balkan front. His young widow, Hortense, took over the management of the company. She provided the necessary drive for its growth, and diversified its activities by developing coffee roasting. Premium coffee brands like “La Semeuse” strive to provide not only good coffee but the best coffee.

Difficult years
In 1938, Henri and Jean, the two Bloch sons, enter into the family business. When second world war brakes out, oil imports are subject to quotas, and manning problems due to men being mobilized. La Semeuse goes through these years with all the difficulties and concerns that one can imagine. After the war, needs have changed, faced with the crisis, the Bloch brothers decide to separate. Jean, assisted by his wife, Huguette, remains alone at the head of the business. He then decides to drop the oil business and devotes all his energy and dynamism to importing, roasting and distributing coffee.

In 1976, after studying for a degree in Political Sciences and then working in many coffee producing countries, the founder’s grandson, Marc, joins the family business. He takes over the leadership from his father in 1982.

In May 2015, La Semeuse changes hands. Marc Bloch, the founder’s grandson retires from the company’s management and hands it over to the Bihler Family from Neuchâtel (in Switzerland), owner of Choco Diffusion group and several brands such as Goldkenn. Mr. Nicolas Bihler is assuming position of CEO in La Semeuse and ensures the continuity and values of the La Semeuse Coffees in the long term.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, place of origin of “La Semeuse”:
Since its creation in 1900, La Semeuse has always remained true to its place of origin. The location of this city is essential to create the unique taste of La Semeuse high altitude coffee company. “La Semeuse” belongs to the exclusive club of high altitude coffee brands. Roasting at an altitude of 1000 meters allows the bean to flourish at a temperature which does not affect the essential aroma or flavors. La Semeuse coffees are distinguished by their subtle power and lack of bitterness and acidity.

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