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SwissDream Espresso Croquant Milk Chocolate 100g


A subtle combination of our delicious Swiss milk chocolate, delicate La Semeuse coffee nibs and crunchy hazelnuts. To be savoured without moderation. UTZ cocoa.

Swiss Brand: SwissDream
Vegetarian: Yes
UTZ Cocoa: Yes
GMOs: None
Palm oil: None
Origins: Founded in 1981, in the village of “Le Locle”, Switzerland, by a family of chocolatier devoted to quality, innovation and sustainable development.

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Product Specification

Name: Espresso Crunchy Chocolate bar

Swiss Brand: SwissDream


Type: Chocolate bar

Net Weight: 100g

GMOs: None

Palm Oil: None

Country of Origin: Switzerland

5. SwissDream

Made with only the finest ingredients and alpine milk from the Swiss mountains, SwissDream chocolates are known for their exquisitely smooth texture and sweetness, which have earned them a reputation as a “Superior Swiss Chocolate”.

Founded in 1992, SwissDream was initially created as a chocolate souvenir for visitors to Switzerland, this range of chocolates was originally called “Douceurs des Cimes”.

To guarantee international recognition, the brand name “Douceurs des Cimes” was changed to “SwissDream” in order to reinforce the notion of fantasy and establish a strong Swiss identity for these entirely SWISS MADE chocolates.

SwissDream produces chocolates with all the rigour and the creativity of master chocolatiers dedicated to keeping Swiss traditions alive.

The “SWISS SELECTION” collection

The Heidi theme is omnipresent in the “SWISS SELECTION” collection’s design. The emblematic Heidi represents the traditional values that are dear to Switzerland, such as the respect of nature, friendship, quality and sustainability. SWISS SELECTION! When Swiss tradition and authenticity blend in a unique chocolatey experience.

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